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Sharon Stelter September 2013 headshot_resize.jpg

Artist Statement

Amazing animals populate the earth; I am humbled by their beauty.  By observing animals and birds I have found an endless source of shapes, lines, textures, patterns, humor, emotions, and energy that inspires my work in clay.  Clay makes my life as an artist possible.  Through clay I interpret the worlds as I see it, as I want it to be; simple, uncluttered, and joyful. 

My sculptures evolve little by little, consciously and unconsciously before taking on a personality of their own.  People seem to be drawn to the playful nature my sculptures portray.  As a child I remember playing in the sandbox all day without a care in the world.  Through art I still find those days of peaceful solitude.  I create for myself as well as for the joy I feel in having others connect with my work. 

My husband and I along with our dog KoKo, call Sherwood, Wisconsin home.  Sherwood is located in east central Wisconsin by High Cliff State Park and Lake Winnebago.  The beautiful, natural surroundings are a constant inspiration for my work. 

The Process

Each sculpture is an original design.  My work is hand built from slabs and coils of stoneware clay.  The coloring is an iron oxide wash that is applied between firings.  Once fired each sculpture is very strong and waterproof and can be used indoors as well as outdoors in moderate weather.  

Contributing Artist

100 Artists of the Midwest by E. Ashley Rooney

The Contemporary Art of Nature: Mammals by E. Ashley Rooney

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